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Tanna Frederick is an avid Surfer, actress, writer, producer and environmentalist. Tanna founded both Project Save Our Surf and the Iowa Film Festival in 2008 and works tirelessly to bring the entertainment and surfing industries together in support of clean oceans. Her recent acting work includes receiving glowing reviews for her starring role in the long-running stage play "Just 45 Minutes from Broadway" as well as starring roles in Henry Jaglom's feature films "Hollywood Dreams", "Irene in Time" and the soon to be released "Queen of the Lot".

Shaun Tomson is a former world champion Surfer, environmentalist, actor, and businessman. Shaun completely changed the way the tube of a wave is ridden, using a completely unique style of pumping and weaving through and around collapsing sections of the barrel. Even today, his electrifying performances at Off The Wall and Backdoor Pipeline stand the test of time.



Sydney Shand President
Sydney Shand President



Vanina Walsh

Celebrity surfers

Tanna Frederick

  • Starring roles include Henry Jaglom's feature films "Hollywood Dreams", "Irene in Time" and the soon to be released "Queen of the Lot".

Shaun Tomson

  • Shaun Tomson has appeared in many films including Free Ride, Fantasea, Many Classic Moments, and In God’s Hands.

Daniel Bonjour

  • TV Series: RCVR, Dragonquest

Michael Munoz

  • TV Series: Amazing Race, Stunt Double for TV Series: Always Sunny in Philidalphia

Gregory Harrison

  • 2011 SURF 24 Guest Co-Host; North Shore, Trapper John, M.D. • TV Series: One Tree Hill

John Slattery

  • Best known for his role as Roger Sterling on AMC's series Mad Men. He has been nominated for many awards, and has won two SAG Awards with the Mad Men ensemble.

Tate Donovan

  • Known for his role in the Damages, as Tom Shayes, and for his role as Jimmy Cooper in The O.C. He voiced the title character Hercules.

Jesse Spencer

  • 2011 Gala Co-Host; TV Series: House, Up Town Girls, Violinist for The Band From TV

Pat Parnel

  • Host of Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit

John Sahakian

  • Speedo Model,
    Creator of Three Circle Flow

Peter Brinkerhoff

  • Director of Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and The Restless

Ted Dubrawski

  • Bassist for ACIDIC

Preston Davis

  • TV Series: Entourage, TV Series: Buppies

Kasey Kahl

  • TV Series: The Bachelor Pad, TV Series: The Bachelorette

Michael Rady

  • TV Series: Melrose Place, TV Series: Greek, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2

Eddie Hassel

  • The Kids Are Alright, TV Series: Surface

John Fortson

  • Play: Loveswell, Short: The Mansfield Memoirs

John Philbin

  • North Shore, Point Break, The Perfect House

Galen Gering

  • Dirty Soap, Days of our Lives, Passions

David O'Donnell

  • Entourage, Torchwood, and "The First Ride of Wyatt Earp" with Val Kilmer

Jesse Timm

  • Pro longboarder • First in ’05 Hansen/ Rob Machado Surf Classic • Owner Surfboards by Jesse Timm

Jon Ross

  • 2011 SURF 24 Guest Co-Host • Environmentalist and Founder of Waves For Water • Pro Surfer

Mary Osborne

  • Pro longboarder • 2009 and 2010 winner of the MSA Classic • Surf ambassador and Surf Instructor

Catherine Clark

  • Pro surfer • Team Billabong • Second at ’09 NSSA Nationals

Peter Townend

  • 2011 SURF 24 Co-Host • ’76 World Pro Champion • Former coach for the National Team • Founder of ActivEmpire

James Pribram

  • 2011 SURF 24 Co-Host • ’76 World Pro Champion • Former coach for the National Team • Founder of ActivEmpire

Jesse Faen

  • Pro surfer • ASP World Tour • Life Rolls On Advisory Committee • President of Insight Clothing USA

Mike Falkow

  • Pro surfer • TV Series: Handsome Sportz Klub • Smokin’ Aces

Erin Edwards

  • Pro surfer • MSSA • WQS and PSTA tours

Trae Candy

  • Pro Longboarder • Winner at 2011 Call to the Wall • 4th Place Punta Sayulita 2012 Pro Longboard & SUP Classic • 2nd NSSA 2012 North West Open Longboard • Winner of 2012 Wine, Waves & Beyond • Winner 2012 MSA Longboard • Winner C Street 2012 and Project Save Our Surf Ambassador

Adam Popp

  • Pro surfer • Founder of Back on the Board Foundation