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Project Save Our surf is partnering up with the Wahine Project- Project South Swell. We are inspired to host this event as we continue to realize that as female surfers we are all connected and that surfing should be shared. Geography and language may separate us but a passion for surfing and for some a new found responsibility to the ocean unifies us and bonds us together through stewardship and we no longer notice what seemingly set us apart. Our desire is to share all that we believe to be Wahine and is stated in the following Manifesto created by Wahines:

Towards the end of July 2012 PSOS and Wahine Project will be taking our out reach on the road. It will be called Project South Swell and hosted by Project Save Our Surf Ambassador Trae Candy and Founder of Wahine Project Dionne Ybarra . A month long international tour through Southern California to the coast of Nayarit, Mexico providing young Wahines from underserved communities access to the empowering sport of surfing, the self esteem improving practice of yoga and introduction to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We will make 8 stops through California and 6 stops through Mexico. Each stop will include a yoga session, surf clinic, and beach clean-up combined with short conservation message and plan of action for each participant. A highlight of each stop will be an opportunity for girls to participate in a progressive art project in the form of the creation of a mural piece. Anticipating participation from 30 girls at each clinic we will connect with participants through participating Boys and Girls Clubs.

In an effort to consider the environmental impact of our trip we will seek the expertise of California State University Monterey Bay Sustainability Program so we can assess and forecast our environmental impact. We will determine ways to minimize our impact as well as formulate a plan to offset our footprint.

I am Wahine
I am the very essence of being a girl
We share what we have
Our humanity is caught up in one another
I am a Wahine because I belong, I participate, I share
A Wahine is Open, Available, and Affirming to others
We do not feel threatened because other Wahines are able and good
I have self assurance and I feel bad when others are hurt
We may just start a chain reaction.

For the past two years the Wahine Project has traveled to Nayarit partnering with local agencies there to provide outreach to local girls. We take bathing suits that are collected by our local wahines and we now have surfboards and rashguards there as well for us to use for surf clinics. This is the first time we will stop along the way connecting the girls together in one trip internationally. Our familiarity with the drive through Mexico has allowed us to realistically project mapping it out, time estimations, as well as formulate a budget for the financial projection for traveling abroad. We will have one paid staff member who is the Project Coordinator. There will be 6 Wahine Project volunteer interns and 4 volunteers from PSOS who will also be on staff. One of our interns will be dedicated to filming, photography and our social media connections through Facebook, Blogging, YouTube and Twitter throughout the duration of the trip. We also will be live streaming the journey on Project Save Our Surf Site. projectsaveoursurf.org. Each intern will sign a contract assigning them to job positions and project accountability. Part of the internship requires that they volunteer for the Wahine Project for 30 hours in the months of June and July. Our hope is to offset some of our food and lodging costs in the forms of gift cards at grocery stores and the possibilities of families hosting our staff as we travel through California.

The Wahine Project is a 501c(3) organization and was created in 2009 to give young girls, ages 7-17 up close and personal access to our oceans and its' natural habitats through the experience of surfing. The Wahine Project seeks to reach under-served young girls who would otherwise not have access to the resources that would allow them to get into the ocean. Whether geographical, financial or lack of proper equipment, The Wahine Project provides them the opportunity to not only become proficient surfers, but as a result of surfing, expand their awareness of themselves, their environment and our local and global ecosystems. Through education, collaboration, outreach and travel, young girls experience a sense of leadership and social responsibility that surfing uniquely provides. To date, The Wahine Project at no cost to participants has reached approximately 400 girls throughout Monterey County as well as through its partnerships in The Gaza Strip, The Philippines and Mexico.

Project Save Our Surf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our oceans and freshwater, and to the preservation of marine life. We are surfers, celebrities, friends, families and businesses who use many different strategies, including educating the public and partnering with other clean water organizations, to reverse the trend of environmental pollution, create a plastic- free world and assure that every citizen has access to clean water.


All Beach Days will include the following variation of scheduling in a 5 hour block of time. In the US, participants will include 30 Boys and Girls Club Female Members and Invited Guests from Phoenix Patriot Foundation. In Mexico participants will include girls from local community centers and schools.

Yoga Session
Beach Clean/Presentation on Plastics/Plan of Action
Presentation on Global Citizenship
Surf Clinic
Art Project
Special Guests

While we are in Sayulita we will be spending time with the children at Costa Verde International School, and working on several projects. One of our big projects is to provide the school with new garden boxes. Two lucky boys from CVIS will also be going with our group to provide water filters to 6 families that are in desperate need of fresh water for there daily needs.

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Dates and Locations- Project South Swell--

30 Monterey
31 Goleta - Margo Oberg & Katie McLean

2 Ventura - Mary Osborne & Margo Oberg
6 Santa Monica - 5 Gyres
7 Huntington Beach - Joe Aaron, Don Bigelow, Joey Hawkins
9 Cardiff - Joe Aaron
10 San Diego Imperial Beach - Jesse Timm
11 San Diego- For Military Wife's - Jesse Timm
14 Mazatlan
16 Cabo San Lucas
19 San Blas
20- Punta de Mita - Katie McLean
20-Water Filters - Kate McLean
21- Project at CVIS school - Kate McLean
22- Costa Verde International School - Kate McLean
23- Sayulita Surf Club - Kate McLean